It’s my birthday today!

Hello friends. Today is my Birthday! Thank you so much for your kind wishes!As I am not a celebrity or millionaire nor even any successful well-known entrepreneur! Thus it’s better to start by introducing my self!

Hi, this is Prathamesh or you can simply call me Pratham or Prats if my name seems complicated for you! I just turned into 31 today! Yeah it’s a big number and that’s why I started this self-centered blog but the intention is not to praise my self or get fame, just to share my entrepreneurial experience, mistakes, learning, and advice for young entrepreneurs like you who are dreaming and running in the ’20s. (Don’t worry if you don’t fit in this, I am having lots of stuff for you also).I am CEO and founder of 3 startups – Focusmedium solutions(digital marketing agency), 360tourbox LLP (360 photography, virtual reality services) & Kicketchbox Inc (e-commerce and education related websites).

One thing I can proudly share that I have completed one big milestone or resolution anything you can call it as- to become CEO of my own startup before 30 and becoming part of under30ceo league (though my name was not listed in Forbes top under 30 CEO and in fact it was not my goal either.. haha) today I would like to share very proudly that I am a CEO of 3 startups(though my target is 5 :p). I still remember that day when I was asked by one of our senior colleague from my very first and last job at Cognizant Technology Solutions -“where are you gonna see yourself 5 years down the line? “Everybody was giving answers like team lead, senior developer or any other positions. Then it was my turn, “ I will be CEO of my own company”! Suddenly everybody started laughing. I was completely unaware of what was wrong with my answer! Then I realized that everybody was not laughing at my answer but it was due to one comment was given by one of my teammates! She commented in a very low voice “CEO? Has he seen his face in the mirror?” Which was not audible for my ears but was a bit clear for others!

Here I am! This incident happened in 2012 I guess! This is 2018 and I am CEO of my own 3 companies. In fact, that mate who commented on my answer specially messaged and congratulated me when she came to know that I did it!

Anyways! Those were the days! I am concerned about today and my upcoming days! So today I am gonna ask the same question to myself, “where I would like to see my self 5 years down the line?”

Though my companies may have not created a large number of jobs, I am happy that I have contributed some part of employment! Why I am noting this precisely is because 2 years before I was kicked out of United States (deported from San Francisco airport while reentering to the US after vacations) while pursuing my masters in Computer Technology at one of the universities located in California. Reason? I was not having sufficient bank balance in my US bank account(though I was having sufficient balance in My home country bank) and another reason according to US officials was , I am not intellectual enough to study in the USA (though I got 8 GPA in my first semester and having one granted US patent in my bag)! So they were thinking that If I will be in the USA, I might steal US citizens job due to my low economic conditions. They also banned me for 5 years for not to enter into the USA. This was the biggest incident ever happened in my life. But I was very sure from my childhood that I wanted to become an entrepreneur in my life and my intention to study in the USA was purely part of it! So I filed an application to reconsider my Visa and pleaded for entry to the USA for completing my masters. It took 2 years to get the result! Yes, they removed my ban and now I can apply for a visa and enter into the USA. But today I don’t need any masters degree! I have learned a lot using the internet, books and my experience while running startups! , Yes I will go to the US but purely for business purpose or just to travel! I am not going to do any job in my life irrespective of any country.

Ohh! I forgot to answer the question, “where I am going to see my self 5 years down the line?”
To answer this, firstly I need to analyze my current situation.

Ok. I achieved my first milestone of having my own companies and becoming a CEO. My companies come from a service-based industry where I used to find leads, pitching them coldly (cold calling or cold emailing), then having meetings, sending quotes, negotiating, offering services and then getting paid for it. After that again doing the same, finding new leads and so on! You can see one of my company’s PayPal account that how this cycle was benefiting to me and my digital marketing agency company – Focusmedium Solutions. Business was going well! In fact, I was in planning for scaling my business from next year until again I met with another drastic incident.

Just One month before, While I was on my business tour I was caught up with high fever at one night! Another morning I rushed to the hospital and diagnosed myself! I have been advised by a doctor to get hospitalized quickly as I was infected by dengue ( usually happens after dengue mosquito byte ) and my platelets were decreasing dramatically! Platelets are responsible for your immunity power and if gets decreased your immune system gets low and so your energy! For 7 days I was in the hospital and getting treatment for recovery! 7 days I was totally disconnected from my startups! 5 clients were waiting for my call and meeting for signing digital marketing contracts! It went off! When I returned home from the hospital I was still adviced by a doctor to have complete bed rest for the speedy recovery of platelets and vitamins and other energy factors!

I was not able to stand properly for long due to weakness and my mind was having continuous buzz don’t know but it was quite frustrating! Yes, you are right I am the CEO , but it doesn’t mean that I can take one month leave and my company will run smoothly without me! That’s the real problem I found while I was taking rest and not able to work through my company allow work from home:p

There are certain situations in your life which are totally uncontrollable and you are completely helpless in front of it! It is barely just 2 years that I have founded and running my startups. being an ordinary entrepreneur I was not able to scale it largely so that I could have appointed personnel for every stage of the business cycle.

This is the situation! I would like to be CEO of my own company but at the same time, I would like to run my companies without any dependencies on me which leads to no impact on a company’s balance sheets!

And that’s the goal for these 5 years! I am going to build sustainable businesses which will have at least one source of passive income without any dependencies!

This time I am going to achieve my goals in a different way! Last goal setting, implementations, and accomplishment were completely done in private! It was me and my private journal where I used to plan, organize and record! This time it will be totally public! Why I am doing this?

First to record every process steps experiences digitally.

Second to share with others so they can get benefited and able to apply in their entrepreneurial journey! After all, we need to inspire, guide our community to grow and achieve desirable success.

Third to test my blogging skills which are quite poor than others I know! I am working on it.

This blog will be purely dedicated for logging my life journey, business experiences, sharing knowledge and guiding other fellow entrepreneurs who are looking forward to starting their online business and become successful in their life!

If you are one of that community, Stay tuned! Cheers!


  1. Ohh thats great
    Glad to read ur journey till date
    & Also proud of you for ur achievements n Dreams
    Looking forward to meet you
    All the very best for ur future Endeavors

    One line: If people are not laughing at ur dreams it means ur dreams are to small

    Cheers 😊

    – ASG

  2. Good LUCK to you as you move onto the next stage in your life. Without a doubt, you will continue to have SUCCESS in all areas! Best wishes to you my first friend 🙂

  3. This is not a comment to promote your website 😉 I will surely bring leads for that. Having seen ur Journey very closely, I want to once again wish u All the Best… You hav stood strong in difficult times and where u cud hav gone on an easy journey to USA from Cognizant, u chose the difficult path… You won it… But destiny had something else written for u… We r proud of u Pratham and as ur name suggests u will surely b the first one to bring a breakthrough in this ecosystem… Will wait for it… Happy bday once again and Party hard…

  4. happy birthday. keep up the good work

  5. I could definitely say it is Blog from an intermediate writer…Best wishes to your journey ..👍🏻


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